11 Easy Steps How To Get Started With W00t While Getting Paid Today

Welcome to w00t Marketing

Here is our current offer.

** Now ONLY accepting UPN for our rotators! **

Hey team! I wanted to make sure you are in the right place at the right time. I consider you my family, not just business partners and I truly look forward to all of our success online.

If we work together as a team using our proven formula, we will all experience more success than ever…

Let’s move forward for 2014!

Something HUGE and awesome things are coming…

With that said, w00t has a better system and as you know is moving fast every single day… Hold on and Hang on… This is normal…

There is a lot of money to be made and everyone here is in PROFIT. If you have not completed your payment yet in the w00t system, please go ahead and do complete STEP 1.

1. Make sure you pay your w00t membership fee as Grandfathered w00t member.

If you are grandfathered member for $100 subscription, CLICK HERE and make sure you paid.



Why I do this for my team?

  • If you prefer Paypal, you are safe
  • Enjoy receiving INSTANT Paypal commissions from your downline
  • The system will be completed in January 2014 (no need to hurry)
  • Use our facebook team room is PRICELESS to help you succeed in ANY business
  • When the system is 100% done, I will use your Paypal subscription to create your new w00t account using my prepaid/credit card, so you’re still safe in Beta testing phase

Otherwise, you may like to use Step 2. This is recommended for newbies and new member signup.

2. Make sure you pay your w00t membership fee.

If you have not paid yet to be in w00t, CLICK HERE and make sure you are paid.


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Please make sure you put CORRECT sponsor in the referral box. Once completely paid, CLICK HERE to get your billing url and start sending new signup to your own subscription page.

3.Get in the Facebook Team room.

For now, until our custom back office is completed. We are using our facebook group.

CLICK HERE if you are not in the Facebook group yet and message me to let me know you paid.

CLICK HERE to message me to let me know you need to be accepted to the group.

4. Sign up for our UPN team build.

In order to get on our rotator and start getting leads, you need to sign up for UPN.

CLICK HERE to sign up for UPN. Using this link will still work for the team build and get free signups and spillovers.

This is a FORCED matrix, so everyone in w00t will get members placed under them using our own team link.

5. Create a great confirmation email for UPN.

This is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT!!! You MUST have a good confirmation email for your leads to see.

Otherwise no one is going to opt in to your list from our rotator.

CLICK HERE for a lesson on how to write a good confirmation email.

6. Create a UPN webform and email it to Ben.

Ben needs a webform from you, in order to put you on the rotator.

CLICK HERE for a lesson on how to get the code!

Then come back to this page and finish up.

7. Choose a domain name for your w00t .info blog.

Here at w00t. We believe that everyone needs a blog with wordpress installed.

Your website is your STORE. You need a store to sell stuff.

If you DO NOT already have a domain name and blog, w00t will buy you one.

CLICK HERE to update our spreadsheet, to let us know what URL you want!

8. Get your WordPress theme installed.

We have a variety of WordPress themes you can choose from.

But honestly the best one for marketing is called Socrates.

It is a VERY customizable theme with LOTS of options, built for marketers.

CLICK HERE to get the theme for free!

*w00t highly recommends using this theme.

9. Create your sales page.

For now, we do not have a dynamic sales page.

Once our back office is done … we will! But for now, we use HTML.

CLICK HERE to learn how to create your sales page!

As always, please ask if you have any questions and TEST your sales button.

10. Complete the w00t Blog Boot Camp.

I have written two blog posts, that show you how to set up your blog, the w00t way.

We do not do this for you … so you can learn how to use the basic functions of WordPress.

If you get stuck, we will help of course. But we want you to get familiar with WordPress.

CLICK HERE to get to the w00t Blog Boot Camp!

* If you REALLY do not want to set up your own blog. I can do it for a one time fee of only 197 dollars.
* Message me for details on that. [click here]

11. Start the Book of w00t Training!

The Book of w00t is the ‘meat and potatoes’ of w00t.

We teach stuff in here that is FAR, FAR more valuable than the rotator.

Things like how to generate your OWN leads, how to talk to people on facebook, how to use marketing groups to get sales. How to rank on google, how to rank on alexa.com – how to do ALL KINDS of things in marketing that most people do not do or just over look.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in w00t.

Most think the rotator is.

But if I can teach you how to fish, rather than just GIVE you fish.

You will be FAR more valuable to YOURSELF and to YOUR BUSINESS success. If you follow what we teach here.

CLICK HERE to see the Book of w00t.

Seriously. The stuff in here is business changing stuff. YOU WILL have success if you follow the book.

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Anton Amoto
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