13 Things Your Direct Sponsor Won’t Tell You

by Anton Amoto

Know Exactly Who Is Your Direct Sponsor

Have you ever worried that someone you’re supposed to trust might not be telling you the whole truth?

Like your accountant? Or, God forbid, your doctor, your spouse, your child?

Society says that you’re supposed to trust them, and you probably want to… but what if they’re not telling you something? And if they are, what if it’s really, really bad, and they don’t want you to know?

It is also like that in network marketing. There are countless of things your direct sponsor won’t tell you.

In this post I cut them down into 13 things your direct sponsor won’t tell you:

  1.  How To Build An MLM Empire and Get Over $1,800 – If you’re in the MLM or affiliate marketing industry, you may already know about MLM Lead System Pro, a self-branded customizable attraction marketing system brought to you by some of the finest network marketers: Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale & Todd Schlomer. There’s actually a good chance you use this system already! If not, well you’re missing out big time. I’ve been supporting MLM Lead System Pro for a little while now and have very good reasons to do so! I even have more reasons now since Norbert, Brian and Todd released a DVD called “Conquer The Internet”. A must-see!
  2. How to Choose the Best System to Build Your MLM Business – If you do not like the idea of chasing after friends & family, prospecting strangers or cold calling leads but are interested instead in online recruiting, one of the best ways is to get a sponsor who understands how to use online marketing systems to sponsor new distributors. Find a supportive sponsor who is dedicated to teach you the proven and effective marketing strategy that others won’t teach you.
  3. The Dirty Truth About Network Marketing – Network marketing is a type of business in which a distributor network is required to create the company. Generally these businesses are also multilevel marketing in nature; their payouts also take place at more than one level. On the surface, network marketing companies appear to be thriving communities of consuming customers all happy with the product that they are consuming and they really are, but what drives that community of thriving consumers has absolutely nothing to do with the product itself.
  4. Two Ways to Position Yourself As An Expert And Attract Leads To You – Have you ever wonder why all people you come in contact with are not joining your mlm business? Do you want to sponsor more people into your mlm business in less than 30 minutes? As an entrepreneur in online MLM business or network marketing, the key ingredient that you need to explode your mlm business are quality leads. Many people use to market a company replicated website and there were no good results. We’ve all seen they are always trying to convince people to join their business, constant struggle, and chasing people all day.
  5. How To Discover and Develop Your Personal Brand – will teach you the importance of becoming your own brand in your MLM opportunity. Anyone who is not in your upline or your downline is in effect a competitor of yours in your own company. One of the most important components if you want to be successful in your network marketing industry regardless of what company you’re in.
  6. How to Increase Sales and Sign-Ups, FAST Using New Facebook News Feed – Facebook released the whole new news feed on Thursday morning and the revamp comes with a host of fresh features. Among the chief advantages: bigger images, multiple feeds for different interests and a more consistent user experience across mobile devices.
  7. How You Can Get Free Blog Traffic In The Next 24 Hours – Free blog traffic is critical when it comes to blogging we talk a lot about SEO, blog commenting and social media as ways to free blog traffic – but I’m here to tell you that you may be missing out on a significant opportunity. In fact the techniques just mentioned, whilst effective, are in many ways long-term strategies that can take considerable time to show any significant results.
  8. How To Generate Leads Per Day And Get 100% Commission – Whether you’re brand new to your home business or 20+ years of experienced as an internet network marketer… Whether you’ve never sponsored a single rep or you have a downline of 10,000+… or whether you’re currently part of the 90% of networkers who make less than $10 bucks a week or if you’re a multiple 7-figure earner and have been for years… I can help you take it to the next level.
  9. How To Create Killer Content Without Doing Any Work – One of the most challenging aspects about marketing online is the need to create content.   The opposite side of the spectrum however is the fact that content is the secret and key to generating leads for your business, as well as establishing yourself as the expert within your niche. So the bottom line is, whether you like it or not, you need content in order to build your business successfully on the Internet.
  10. 100 Places to Publish Your Article Online for Free – the top 100 places to publish your article online for free. So you can save time by searching them on Google.
  11. 2 Strategies That Every Internet Marketer Should Be Using – Let’s face it, seeking to gain exposure on the Internet isn’t really that simple.  There’s the need to set up your sales funnels, generate traffic, build relationships with your followers and amongst it all, close leads into your business or sell them on your product or service. The bottom line is that it takes a serious strategy to be able to compete in this industry, let alone make money in it.
  12. Increase Traffic To Your Blog Through Your Online Business – Many bloggers often invest good amount of time in finding out the ways of generating good traffic base for their blog. Generating traffic to your blog is an effort which requires a couple of efforts from your end. Thankfully owing to the presence of high end technology, the task of attracting people interested in your niche area has become easy. The most effective method of pulling people is through the method of blogging which can be carried out at platforms like Blogger or WordPress.
  13. How To Join Empower Network – If you’re been struggling to make money online and haven’t seen any success that you’ve been dreaming of just yet, you probably haven’t heard of Empower Network Philippines and how it leveraged most Filipinos making money online worldwide.

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