3 Self-Defeating Traits That Are Affecting Your Career

by Anton Amoto

self-defeatiingHaving a self-defeating behavior can greatly affect your career.  Provided below are some of the most common attitude related to this type of behavior which has a tremendous impact on one’s job. Also, pursuing a career which is unrealistic is an example of how a person with this kind of behavior deals with his or her career.  In many instances, these individuals continue to pursue this career goal thinking that they would be able to reach their goals in due time.

1. Fear of Being Successful

If you have a self-defeating behavior, you would most likely have a mediocre job. This is quite common with others who also have the same attitude. If you have this unfavorable trait and even if you have the full potential of becoming a top notch executive, you will never get good at what you are doing because you just do not want to enjoy success. You will most likely prefer to have a mundane job because you are too scared of what might happen when you get a promotion or if you do a great job.

2. Cannot Face Consequences

People with a trait of self-defeat are scared to face the consequences of their actions. This greatly impacts their career. There will always be instances wherein you will be unable to get a job done or if you were able to do so, it may not be up to par as per the expectations of your superiors. When this happens, you will end up blaming other people for your short comings. This will be a constant struggle for both you and your employers and you might just as well end up with no job along the way.

3. Unable To Have a Good Working Relationship

Those with this trait will often be unable to establish a good working relationship with other people. This may not be very ideal especially if you are working for a company which would require you to associate or mingle with other people. You may still have your job however; your coworkers will dislike you. In some cases, you may overly sacrifice yourself in order to help out others but in the end, you are jeopardizing your own career. This is because, even if you have the skills, you will only be able to use this to excessively assist others achieve their career goals but you will be unable to use these skills to reach the peak of your career.

You will always be given an opportunity to become a better person and also reach your full potential in your career. As long as you are willing and committed to get rid of this behavior then success is just around the corner.

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Chuck Holmes April 28, 2015 at 12:22 am

I think the fear of being successful actually holds a lot of people back. I know it held me back for quite some time. Fear of failure is another one. So is doubt. Many people lack confidence and also deem themselves unworthy of success. It’s a sad reality. Working on your self worth and self esteem is really important if you want to make it in life. Just my two cents. Nice blog post.



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