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Digital Altitude Aspiring Digital Entrepreneurs


In this post I’m going to give you a brief overview about my latest passive affiliate program and one of the best income streams online called Digital Altitude.

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What is Digital Altitude?

Digital Altitude was created by Michael Force who is actually a 7 figure earner in the internet marketing space.

He has worked with very high ticket products and is a former marine…

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I want to show you the first tips you should know about affiliate marketing, taken form super affiliates. Some you may already know, but it won’t hurt for sure if you see them again :) affiliate-marketer

Here there are: [click to continue…]

facebook-trafficFacebook is actually one of the most popular social networking platforms that has got significant potential. Over and beyond the social networking, this platform can be leveraged smartly so as to boost your online business. One can make use of Facebook to promote sustain customer loyalty, promote goods and services, acquire new customers or even drive traffic to your website. It offers lots of possibilities that any marketer may benefit from and ushering in traffic is absolutely one of its prime paybacks. It’s one of the many ways to get traffic to your site.

How can you get traffic from Facebook? [click to continue…]

Feeling tired all the time seems to be a normal thing for other people. However, it is a burden for most of us. Who wants to feel exhausted all the time? Who wants to have low energy levels? Who wants to turn down party invitations every time just because of tiredness? I bet not everyone will say “I do.”

What makes us tired? What makes people turn down events? Here are some things that can make you feel tired all the time.

tiredThe first reason is sugar overload. When you body is loaded with sugar, you will definitely feel tired all the time. This is because high level of sugar in the blood often results to energy crash. When you are hungry or tired, your cravings for sugar increase. This is because your body needs energy and the fastest way to get that is from refine sugar in candies and chocolates. Energy from sugar is easily consumed by the body so you feel instantly energetic after eating sweets. However, the body has to react and balance out the high level of sugar in the body. The brain will signal the pancreas to produce insulin and when insulin is released, the sugar level will surge low and this will result to energy crash.

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Clever Ways You Can Increase Your Email Opt-ins and Get More Subscribers

August 13, 2015

How do you increase your email opt-ins and get more subscribers? This is one of the many challenges faced by most of businesses when it comes to internet marketing. 1. Look At the Page Make sure the opt-in forms do appear in the overlays and top bars to enable the new customer access to it quickly. With regards to your landing page, ensure that the signup form stands out and entices visitors. Here are the key parts of any good landing page, and how you can optimize them for signups: Headline- this will grab the attention of the new user. [...]

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5 Tips for Networking With Other Bloggers

December 18, 2014

Success in blogging does not happen overnight. While building your blog, it is important to create relationships with other individuals who have similar interests. You cannot produce your own solitary island of articles without any kind of external interaction. Most new bloggers do not understand the importance of knowing people and sharing with other bloggers and consequently, they end up missing an opportunity. The network you create is what contributes to the eventual success that you are hoping for. Commenting Blog commenting is one of the easiest way to create a network. The greatest mistake that you can make while [...]

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Dream come true, CNN – Philae space probe docked on comet

November 13, 2014

European Space Agency scientists and executives high-fived and hugged each other when the landing was confirmed. Spacecraft have crashed into comets before, but this is the first soft, or controlled landing, in history. Read the rest of the story here: Enjoy :-) Anton Amoto The sky’s the limit. I’ll help you make money today while you’re on vacation. Register as member here: —>

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3 Ways to Drive Huge Amounts of Traffic to your Blog

November 12, 2014

There are hundreds of ways by which you can bring in more traffic into your blog. However, to draw in huge amounts of traffic, you have to come up with long-term strategies that will not only bring but also ensure that your traffic is consistent. The top three ways by which you can make this happen is through:   Social Networking: Social networking basically includes the integration of both the social media as well as the social bookmarking sites. To effectively benefit from the social media, it’s wise to have accounts dedicated to your blog within the top social media [...]

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3 Proven Ways To Use PLR Content

June 19, 2014

As a marketer you may know how PLR works but you may not be utilizing it perfectly as a lucrative marketing tool. PLR offers many ways to create effective web presence but it requires proper use of the content. Learn how you can use it uniquely and effectively to gain traction online. 1. Special Reports You may already know this but special reports have a way of establishing you as an authority among niche markets. You may choose to focus on the stock market or the housing market in a specific area but whatever you do, ensure you attract a [...]

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3 Self-Defeating Traits That Are Affecting Your Career

April 28, 2014

Having a self-defeating behavior can greatly affect your career.  Provided below are some of the most common attitude related to this type of behavior which has a tremendous impact on one’s job. Also, pursuing a career which is unrealistic is an example of how a person with this kind of behavior deals with his or her career.  In many instances, these individuals continue to pursue this career goal thinking that they would be able to reach their goals in due time. 1. Fear of Being Successful If you have a self-defeating behavior, you would most likely have a mediocre job. [...]

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