How to Increase Sales and Sign-Ups, FAST Using New Facebook News Feed

by Anton Amoto


Image courtesy of Facebook

Facebook released the whole new news feed on Thursday morning  and the revamp comes with a host of fresh features. Among the chief advantages: bigger images, multiple feeds for different interests and a more consistent user experience across mobile devices.

Some of the beautiful features of Facebook new news feed include:

  • Goodbye Clutter – say Hello bright, beautiful stories.
  • Bursting with color – vibrant new visuals bring your news feed to life.
  • Fresh feeds – get Facebook just how you want it with your choice of feeds.
  • Everywhere you go – see the same clean look wherever you use Facebook – on mobile, tablet, or web.

How to get the new Facebook news feed?

Well, there’s a site for that and it’s pretty simple — although the change may not take effect as soon as you’d like. First, go to Second, click the big green “Join Waiting List” button at the top of the page. Boom. Done. Next step? Wait.

But all the intrigue brings up just one question: How to Increase Sales and Sign-Ups, FAST Using New Facebook News Feed?

We’ll it’s literally easy. Follow these 3 steps to success:

  1. Write a blog post about new features of Facebook News Feed.  This can be done in 30 minutes only.
  2. Publish your post. I use this blog to publish and distribute my articles on the web. Don’t you know the reasons why? It is because is ranked #447 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. This site is particularly highly ranked in the city of Brisbane (#44). Compared with the overall internet population, the site’s audience tends to be users who browse from home; it also appeals more to African Americans and men over the age of 45 who are not college graduates. The site’s visitors view an average of 7.9 unique pages per day. Search engines refer about 5% of visits to Learn more about Empower Network Philippines and find us on Facebook.
  3. Get sign-up fast – this is very important that in every single blog post you need to create traffic, capture leads, and convert  them into sales using our very own simple social media method of marketing.

Want some proof?

Carol Douthitt (from Chesterton, Indiana) made $137,451.00

Image courtesy of Empower Network

*Results not typical – see our average earnings disclosure

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Just how long you’ll have to wait, however, isn’t quite certain. Facebook said at it’s big unveiling press event Thursday that the new look will begin rolling out to users that same day. So some lucky folks will be exploring the new features before bed tonight, while others will have to wait a bit longer. We’ve asked Facebook for a ballpark range, but so far haven’t gotten a response. Continue Reading…

The News Feed has been the way we suck information from our friends, frenemies, exes, and coworkers, since 2006. It’s mutated since then—complicating and simplifying itself—as Facebook experiments with better ways to show you new statuses, photos, and links. Today’s renovation is no different: another way of funneling social info into your brain. But unlike past attempts, it’s bigger (truly, wider), brighter, and overall more eye-strangling. It’s full of news. It’s full of sections. It’s like, according to Zuck, “a newspaper.” Those old things. Continue Reading…

Facebook is finally learning the lesson that all media empires must eventually grasp: for the people who consume its content, less is often more.

On Thursday, the company announced a major overhaul of its News Feed that makes content larger and more visually appealing. I had an opportunity to try out the new look, which feels clean and well designed. Continue Reading…

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