How To Build A 6 Figure Digital Business In 90-Days Or Less

by Anton Amoto

Digital Altitude Aspiring Digital Entrepreneurs


In this post I’m going to give you a brief overview about my latest passive affiliate program and one of the best income streams online called Digital Altitude.

If you’re looking to build a 6 Figure Online Business in 90-days or less then this is something I could highly recommend. 

What is Digital Altitude?

Digital Altitude was created by Michael Force who is actually a 7 figure earner in the internet marketing space.

He has worked with very high ticket products and is a former marine…

In the past, he has mentored and coached many 6 and 7 figure internet marketers who have had great success.

Digital Altitude was created so you can take your online marketing to the next level through training, tools, coaching and mentorship.

And it’s not just a course, it actually has a MLM style pay out where you can get up to $12,000 per sale at the highest level…

Overall, Michael Force is a great person and has helped a TON of people in the past so nothing negative there…

Learn the 5 Critical Elements to Create a 6 Figure Business in Just 90 days using Digital Altitude’s top tier system. How do we know it works? Here’s how you can do it too.

Like many of you, I wanted to learn about money so I could create total freedom in my life.

Freedom to do the things I love like travel, spend time with my family, or simply enjoy the lifestyle that came with it. Freedom from working a job I didn’t like and freedom from money worries.

My goal was total freedom in every sense of the word.

But it wasn’t easy. There were many grueling and frustrating years of banging my head against the wall, trying to learn “what works” in an online business and figuring out what went wrong. Yet when I finally cracked the code I went from an income of only $500 per month to an income of well over six figures in just 90 days.

Here’s how you can do it too.

All You Need Is A Proven System

The simple truth is that making money online is not complicated. The internet is the great equalizer, anyone can make money online regardless of age, education, income or sex. All you need is the right process to follow, and if you follow the process the results are guaranteed.

Here’s the good news, you have a huge advantage I never did: information and guidance. I had to spend years figuring out what works and thousands of dollars to figure out what didn’t work. If you’ve been in this same situation, know that it’s not your fault there’s a lot of bad advice out there.

The fastest path to cash is not “figuring out “everything yourself but rather learning from others who have “been there done that” to get your business off the ground in the quickest way possible. My way of paying it forward is to share all my knowledge and experience from my multi-million dollar business with you.

So you don’t have to go through the learning curve like I did. Instead, it’s a simple plug and play into a proven system that works. Even if you’re a total newbie this system will work for you because it’s based on results not hype.

The Power Of Leverage

Ever wondered why a McDonald Franchise is worth so much? Because you’re using the power of leverage. You get the leverage of using their billion dollar brand, their advertising campaigns, their products and their funnels that sell.

In short , you get a guaranteed system that’s proven to work. Digital Altitude works the same way, it’s a proven system that guarantees results. You get to skip all the years of grueling frustration I had and simply follow the plan that’s taken my business to over 7 figures using the most lucrative business model in any industry.

Why Top Tier Is The Best Business Model



Top Tier is basically a fancy term for a system selling “high ticket” products or services. In a traditional, non- top tier system(selling at a low price point), think about how many sales you would need to make $5,000 a month?

Let’s break it down:

Traditional (non- top tier)model:

$4 item = 1,250 sales

$7 item = 714 sales

$47 item = 106 sales

See the pattern?

Now let’s look at top tier (high ticket items):

$1,000 item = 5 sales

$3,000 item = 2 sales(+$1,000 profit )

$5,000 item = 1 sale

$9,000 item = 1 sale(+$4,000 profit )

As you’ve seen Top Tier is the way to go because of higher profit margins with the less work and it gets even better when you follow a Digital Top Tier Strategy.

The Ultimate Profit Model

Combine Top Tier with Digital and you have the most lucrative business model on the planet because of :

- High profit margins

- No inventory

- No employees

- No shipping

- No insurance

- No liabilities

The economics of business today requires top tier, high ticket products and services thanks to rising advertising costs and low margins on low ticket items.

So the question then becomes, how can I build the most successful Top Tier Digital Business?

Using these 5 principles below will get you there and in the next lessons we’ll cover them in depth!

5 Essential Elements In Any Successful Online Business

1. Traffic

2. Funnel

3. Filter

4. Follow-up

5. Tiered Products

So that’s it simple ;-)

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