How to Build Your Business Using Social Media

by Heather Thomas

My Grandmother in Social NetworkYou’ve probably heard the term “social media” thrown around lately but don’t know what exactly it means or how it can help your business.

Social media essentially are online platforms where individuals and businesses can create and exchange user-generated content to create an online conversation. Businesses who embrace social media are able to build their business by increasing their clientele and even their workforce.

While there are many social media platforms in existence today, here are three that your business can start utilizing and see positive results with today.


Popular with people of all ages across the world, Facebook is an online social network. Users are able to create personal profiles, business pages and social groups to connect with users around the world.

The first step to utilizing Facebook is to create a page for your business. You will then want to search for existing clients and reach out to them on Facebook. When they become a “Fan” of your page, their friends will have instant access to you without having to search for your business on Facebook.

Businesses will often hold contests to increase their number of Facebook fans. Encourage your clients to get connected to your page by offering a giveaway when you get a specific number of fans. This giveaway could be for a package of your products or so many hours of your services.

You can also utilize Facebook’s ad campaigns to market your business to individuals within your geographic region. You can make these ads very targeted to increase the return on investment for the campaign. In fact, according to, “unlike Google, Facebook ads are relevant to your profile, your interests, your occupation, your education, and the posts on your wall.”


Twitter provides business owners the ability to blast out quick bits of information to their customers and potential customers.

After you create your Twitter account, you will need to get “Followers” to receive your “Tweets” (the information that you send out through Twitter). Much like Facebook, you can build your base of followers by holding a giveaway. Ask each customer and client that you interact with to follow you on Twitter. Once you receive a specific number of followers, hold a drawing for a prize. recommends using Twitter to provide live updates to your followers. They are like mini advertisements that clients receive directly on their cell phones no matter where they are.

Another use of Twitter recommended by is the sales announcement. You can provide your followers with limited time deals and special offers. This is a great way to boost sales and determine the interest in specific products/services.


Another common social media site is LinkedIn. Geared toward professional networking, LinkedIn can be used as a marketing tool not only to find business opportunities but also potential employees.

With LinkedIn, users create professional profiles, essentially creating an online resume of their past and current work. Users link up with others they have worked with and are able to make recommendation based on their work. This is a great tool for finding potential employees and contractors to help build your business capabilities.

Employers are also able to post job ads on LinkedIn. These ads cost money but provide high exposure among skilled professionals and are a good option when you are seeking someone to fill a non-entry level position.

With these 3 popular tools at your disposal, small business owners can start utilizing and seeing positive results today. Small business owners can also visit CreditDonkey to find business credit cards to earn rewards on your paid social media marketing campaign.

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Marshall March 1, 2014 at 2:25 pm

Agreed!! Social media marketing is one of the most important types of online marketing where small businesses are marketing their products/services and brands on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc


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