How To Get Back On Your Feet After You Have Failed

by Anton Amoto

Defeat is never permanent. History is rich in examples of men and women who triumphed over several defeats to attain their life dreams.

What many people have not known is that being defeated is not the end of your aspirations but your start point.

Many of us may think that I am distributing platefuls of impractical hope that has no place in our current world.

However, inspiring life histories of men and women who overcame several defeats and turned them into historical victories may help elaborate that defeat, and not once or twice, comes before great successes.

Abraham Lincoln is a timeless testament to the power of hope and unbending faith. Born to poor parents in a log cabin in the Kentucky woods, he outmaneuvered impossible odds to become not only a great man but also a lasting motivation for those that encounter defeats and halt their lives.

He chose to abandon his father in Kentucky and embark upon a lonely journey through strange places until he settled in Springfield, Illinois. Though he had less than 3 months of formal schooling, he set forth on a journey to becoming a great lawyer.

Through self education, he read himself into the bar. He made several futile attempts into the Congress of the United States, failing each time, until at last he succeeded.

He lost the seat and without fruits tried to recover it. When he found that he could not make it to the Congress, he chose to become the president instead, becoming the 16th presidents of the United States.

If the wonderful story of Abraham Lincoln is not to you convincing enough, then that of Thomas Edison will. He was dismissed by his teachers as uneducable, consequently dropping out of school while in his elementary levels.

However, Thomas Edison never lost faith in himself when everyone else did. He knew that he was destined to be a great inventor. He specialized in electricity and he failed in making the lighting bulb 9,999 times.

When he succeeded, people thought that he was the lucky type that had never encountered defeat in their lives. He surprised many when he said that to succeed; he first had to try all the ways that did not work until only ways that could work were left.

Other success stories of men and women who conquered defeat and turned it into success include that of Winston Churchill, Helen Keller, Michael Jordan, Mahatma Gandhi, among numerous others. You want to succeed? Try, try, try …

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