Increase Traffic To Your Blog Through Your Online Business

by Claudia Somerfield

Many bloggers often invest good amount of time in finding out the ways of generating good traffic base for their blog. Generating traffic to your blog is an effort which requires a couple of efforts from your end. Thankfully owing to the presence of high end technology, the task of attracting people interested in your niche area has become easy. The most effective method of pulling people is through the method of blogging which can be carried out at platforms like Blogger or WordPress.

If you are looking out for greater internet sales, the medium of blogging is one of the best ways to do so. You simply have to update your blog with updated information and try a couple of effective techniques to pull sizeable amount of traffic to your blog. If you put the following discussed tips of increasing traffic to your blog into practice, you could certainly end up getting good amount of visitors for your blog.

Effective blog design with regular quality content

The steps of effective blog design and creating high quality content are basic steps to drive traffic towards your blog. You do not need to invest fortune on your blog layout. By creating simple design which is clean and modern can motivate your readers to check your content. Also, seek the help of good images and pictures as they can attract readers and increase the chance of being searched over various search engines. The second step is to develop high quality posts on frequent intervals. The posts you put over your blog should be useful and interesting content which should be uploaded with a proper weekly schedule. Blogs which are updated frequently with quality content become search engine friendly and turn more visible at places like Google and Bing.

Effective use of SEO strategies

Search engine optimization or SEO can help your blog content attain higher and better search engine rankings. For this, you need to know how to use Google Adwords keyword tool effectively to search relevant and popular keywords of your niche area. Once you find these keywords, you then have to use them effectively in a natural way in all your blog posts. This means, you will have to avoid the overuse of these popular keywords as it will reduce the quality of your content and discourage your readers to visit again.

Submit your blog to search engines

You can get good traffic to your blog by getting into the radar screen of all the popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo by submitting your blog’s URL to these places. A majority of search engines render the option of submitting link to notify the search engine about your blog. By this submission, you can help the search engines to crawl at your blog and include different web pages in their result. Hence you have better chance of being picked up by search engines during the search of your niche area by any user.

Syndicate your blog’s content with an RSS Feed

By setting up an RSS feed button over your blogs would help your readers to not only read your blog posts but also come to know when you publish any new content. All you need to do is to submit RSS feed to different popular online feed services which are often available for free over the internet. Some of the common feed services sites include Feedagg, Feedfury, Feedsubmitter, Feedest etc. By doing this, you can end up attracting good amount of traffic towards your blog.

Generating traffic from social media:

Generating traffic from various social media sources is important part of getting online traffic to your blogs. You can get good amount of your targeted traffic through things like status updates, profile or info page. The below is the list of some unique and effective methods to drive good traffic to your blog.

Facebook: Generating traffic to your blog through Facebook can be driven through three areas. These include via personal page area, Fan page and business page area. Generating traffic via your personal page, you need to begin with the contact information area. This is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is to place your blog links here in this area for which you want to generate traffic and that’s it, you are done.

The next section is the fan page area where you can get good amount of traffic. All you need to do is to simply add links to your wide range of websites, blogs, RSS feeds and Facebook pages to your description. While adding these links, it is recommended to add a couple of images found at the Traffic Generation Café. The third and last is the business page, which helps you to add multiple websites or blogs in the website field. By doing so, you can certainly expect good amount of traffic to your blogs.

Twitter: By adding links at your Twitter profile page, you can get large number of traffic to your blog. This is a great place to get good attention to your blog from various Twitter users. However, you can also find other spaces to add links including your bio which comes with the clickable format along with the location field.

The other strategy to generate traffic to your blog via twitter is to create custom background image which contains your blog details. Here, you will find numerous screen area resolutions, so while selecting you need to choose the one which can portray your URL details properly. This will help the smaller screen resolution based users to view the URL precisely.

LinkedIn: The platform of LinkedIn allows you to add your blog or website links at two different locations in your profile, which helps you in generating traffic to your blog. Also, the other effective ways of getting traffic is by increasing your connection. By having a large number of connections you have, the more number of users will have the access to your profile. Further, another effective way to drive traffic is to answer a wide range of questions with proper answer. Lastly, don’t forget to update you status which is quite similar to Twitter update feature.

Post video on YouTube: Posting video pertaining to your niche area or even your blog can drive good traffic to your blog. This is too handy for you and you can do this even by using your cellphones.  Hence try making a creative video for your blog along with optimizing the title, tags, description and category to reach out to maximum number of visitors. Once you finish this, you will find a number of comments appearing over your YouTube account. Don’t forget to reply these comments by thanking them along with putting different blog post links. Connecting with these people who comment on your blog based video at YouTube can drive good amount of traffic to your blog.

Traffic is an important element for any blog or website. Creating a blog is simple; however, to drive traffic is a hard task. With these methods as discussed above, you can certainly think of generating good amount of traffic to your blog. All you need to do is keep them trying with consistency.

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