Increasing Workplace Motivation and Focus

by Eric Balaster

For entrepreneurs and internet marketers, motivation and focus are two of the most important traits. Unlike traditional jobs the payoff does not come right away. Traditional 40 hour work weeks is far too little time to get all the work done.

While there are plenty of psychological ways to keep yourself motivated, nootropics (smart drugs) are another added edge you can use to your advantage. The greatest part about nootropics is that you already take them!

Nootropics for Increased Motivation and Focus

Nootropics are compounds that can improve focus, attention, and cognitive abilities. One of the most famous and well-used nootropics is caffeine, which almost every entrepreneur or internet marketer is very familiar with. In moderation, all of these natural and synthetic compounds can vastly improve your ability to focus and provide your best efforts. Best of all, many of them have been used by traditional Chinese and Indian civilizations for thousands of years.

Caffeine + L-Theanine

We all know the power of caffeine in coffee, but L-theanine is one of the main ingredients in green tea, which provides a calming and relaxing feeling. Combined, the caffeine and the L-theanine can allow you to stay more focused and attentive on your work without the anxiety and jitters that caffeine causes in many people. Numerous studies show that L-theanine can actually increase the level of focus as well.

Asian Ginseng

This is another natural compound made popular by traditional Chinese medicine. Asian ginseng is well known to provide stress-reduction, which offers a potent performance enhancer. This natural compound is well known to provide enhanced mood, which is key for improving your motivation.


This is another smart drug, which is fast-acting and potent. Oxiracetam can improve memory retention and it acts as a neuro protective agent as well. It has been been validated in dozens of studies and it is from a relatively safe family of smart drugs called nootropics. Oxiracetam acts on a different part of the brain than caffeine, but provides a great stimulant for enhancing your motivation as well. The best benefits of oxiracetam include the added memory advantages, which can be incredibly useful for any entrepreneur or internet marketer.


Getting enough meat in your diet could be the difference between motivation. The creatine that is found in animal protein can provide a more efficient source of energy to the brain, which gives it the capability to be more focused and motivated. For the same reason athletes use creatine for their body, you can use it to improve your motivation.

Getting Started with Nootropics

There is no need to jump into nootropics and get the highest dosages of compounds your body is not used to. If you want to increase your motivation and focus on work, just taking natural compounds like caffeine and L-theanine can provide the boost that you need to be successful. So long as you do not become dependent on them in order to function properly, you will give yourself an advantage.

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