Infinity Supreme Review – Don’t Join Until You Read This

by Anton Amoto

Infinity SupremeThe High Tech Super Negosyo Ng Bayan seems to be the latest craze around the country and there has been so Infinity Supreme Teamuch excitement about the producs and the home business opportunity.

If you are reading this Infinity Supreme review, you are probably looking for some more information about the company. In this review, I’m going to give you nothing but the facts and I will even show you how you can build it into a successful home based business.

Please be aware that I’m not affiliated to Infinity Supreme in any way so you can be rest assured that this is a 100% genuine review with no hidden motives.

Infinity Supreme – The Company

Infinity Supreme is currently being incorporated into a new, dynamic global company called Infinity Supreme Alliance International Corp., whose acronym is ISA, signifying the company’s drive to be one and united with its distributors and customers everywhere… and likewise to spearhead unity among distributors and customers themselves.

Behind ISA is a team which has established its reputation over the internet as a dynamic developer and pioneer of revolutionary concepts and innovations.

Furthermore, included in the new company are veteran network leaders, online marketers, IT experts, and admin specialists to position ISA as the next giant in the marketing industry.

The company’s mission is to empower Filipino entrepreneurs toward attainment of financial success by providing lucrative opportunities through unique cutting edge innovations and technology. Guided by it’s vision:

  • To become the leading online network marketing company that positively transforms lives of Filipino entrepreneurs.
  • To become the leading online direct sales company whose products enhance the well-being of Filipino consumers.
  • To be at the forefron of the cutting edge technology and innovations primarily designed to uplift lives of entrepreneurs and customers.
  • To attain at least one million happy distributors and customers in the country, all loving our products and constantly sharing our opportunity with others.

I researched the company and I find out that behind Infinity Supreme is a dynamic group of individuals whose variety of skills, expertise, and experience in the field of marketing, technology, health & wellness, and business development all complement each other to establish Infinity Supreme as the next generation superior sideline business.

The team is led by Francis Chaves, whose expertise lies in the innovation, development and implementation of online business programs. In 2009, just from his home, he was able to establish a global online franchise that spanned 130 countries and attained more than 100,000 members that is still growing up to now.

A year later he co-founded a social network that combines network marketing and personal development, which is also still enjoying steady growth up to now. Assisting him in the system side is Paul Lopez, who is primarily responsible for the powerful systems and back offices of many major network marketing companies in the country.

On the network development side, proven true leaders with exemplary attitudes and skills have been tapped to be at the forefront of the program’s network building. They include Francis ‘Wizard’ Javier, Allan ‘Success Man’ Sabay, and Rach ‘Beauty & Bucks’ David, among others.

Infinity Supreme Products

Infinity Supreme promotes variety mix of coffee and tea products such as InfiniTea Iced Tea, I-Blend 12-in-1 coffee mix with 9 power components include (agaricus, gano, ginseng spirulina, moringa, grapeseed ginkgo biloba, mangosteen gotu kola, premium coffee com dextrin, creamer and sugar), T-ner-G Energy Coffee, and Infused Multi-Herbal Food and Beverage Fortifier.

Infinity Supreme Training

Infinity Supreme Pay Plan

Inifinity Supreme compensation plan has three ways to earn:

  1. Retail Sales Profit – If you are good in selling products then you can make money by retailing Infinity Supreme products.
  2. Infinity Referral Bonus – This is a product-based referral bonus and infinity because you can have infinite number of direct and indirect referrals.
  3. Infinity Redundant Matrix – Infinity 3 x 10 redundant matrix. Infinity because each time you purchase 1 unit, you get 1 slot, and you can get unlimited number of slots. Each slot has an earning potential of P1.7 Million however you should have 59,049 people under your main account.

The other problem I notice with Infinity Supreme matrix is that a lot of people join under the illusion that they can sign up and do nothing and still get paid. In reality that doesn’t work. You have to work to make money, there is no free money.

Can Infinity Supreme Make You Money?

Definitely YES, Infinity Supreme can make you money but you would have to work for it and sign up people into your downline. You can’t sign up, do nothing and expect the money to start flowing in.

If you are looking to join Infinity Supreme with the hope that you will benefit from upline and downline spill over, forget it, the problem with ‘spill over’ is that as many people come into the matrix and it becomes wider, it becomes more difficult for people to fall under you in the matrix. You would be waiting a long time to have a spill over that would give you a consistent income.

However, if you love their products and you are serious about making money, you would need to learn how to market effectively on the internet.

Learning how to market on the internet (and not just pasting your Infinity Supreme links all over Facebook) will provide you with a constant supply of fresh leads that you can prospect to join your main business opportunity.

It’s a sad fact but 95% of network marketing reps will not have any success just because they lack the right training and marketing skills. It’s got nothing to do with the company’s products, or compensation plan, if you don’t have effective marketing skills, you will fail.

If you want to learn how to market on the internet, generate leads and sponsor more people into your Infinity Supreme business, click here.

Infinity Supreme Training

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