11 Reasons Why You Should Join Team Take Massive Action

by Anton Amoto

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Team Take Massive Action

Have you been searching for the the right team to join with for Empower Network? If your answer is a YES, then you have come to the right place at the right time.

Hey Anton here back again, and I’m one of the first people who got into the Empower Network system, during the first week of their launch. I have been partnering with David Wood for more than a year prior to Empower Network launched, while I was promoting my generic marketing system online.

I jumped right in and now training hundreds of marketers around the world, affiliate marketers and network marketers make money online using the same exact system.

If you’re within my reach you can simply head over to this blog post How to Join Empower Network Philippines, otherwise continue reading..

What is Team Take Massive Action?

Team Take Massive Action was founded in June 2012 by 4 Visionaries wanting to make a splash in a company that was trending in the space of internet marketing. Co-Founded by Chris Record, Peter Sorensen, George Bailey, and Hurricane Arthur Tubman. Since Team Take Massive Action has been one of the most talked about, and fastest growing teams in Empower Network.

What Makes Team Take Massive Action Different?

Team Take Massive Action has created a system. A system for recruiting. A system for training. A system for building culture. Most importantly TTMA focuses on the little guy just getting started trying desperately to make his or her first $1 online. Here are just a few things that really make Team Take Massive Action Stand Apart from the competition.

Team Take Massive Action Facebook Groups

Team Take Massive Action on Facebook

When we first started it was just the 4 of us and a handful of people. Now with over 3000 team members in the group and growing daily the Facebook group has become a forum to coach, train and endorse both the newbie just getting started and the one making their first $10,000/month online.

Team Take Massive Action Best Training

The team take massive action teach the “3 C’s of Online Marketing”. Create. Capture. Convert. The team has produced lots of “How To” video’s. I’m not going in details to this post. However,I’ll give you the brief overview of The 11 Reasons Why You Should Join Team Take Massive Action today:

1. Quick Start Guide to Setting Up Your Empower Network Blog

2. Change Your Site Title and Description

3. Create Your BIO Picture and Description

4. How To Add Your Bio Picture Under Each Post Using Gravatar

5. Add Links and Content To Your Sidebar

6. Add Your Custom Photo to the Header of your Blog

7. Create Some Links for your Sidebar

8. Create Categories for your Blog

9. Add Navigation Links to the Top of Your Blog

10. How To Write Your First Blog Post

11. Create a Contact Page for Your Blog

Join Team Take Massive Action Today

If someone ever asks you why they would want to pay $25 per month for the Empower Network Viral Blogging System when they could just get a WordPress.com blog for free, there are HUNDREDS of reasons why, but this is one of my favorites.

Click here to Watch the Benefits of Joining Team Take Massive Action

WordPress.com (the free version) does not allow affiliate links! So if someone was hoping to monetize their blog (make any money from it), it is significantly harder with a blog that doesn’t allow you to!

But again, that is just one of dozens, if not hundreds, of reasons why people should consider an Empowered Network blog, with a Top 200 Alexa ranking, all pre-built for you, with advertising in place to make you money, with your affiliate links already in place, giving you ALL the leads that come from it, and a community of people to help you out and assist you in your journey. If you blog through Empower Network your articles will be much higher in the search engines! This is a no-brainer.

Join Team Take Massive Action Today!

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