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by Anton Amoto

Is LinkLuv worth the money?

linkluvIf you’re looking for LinkLuv reviews, you’re in the right place at the right time. Because syndicating your content through high authority sites is one of the most powerful ways to drive more traffic, more leads, and more sales through your website. Every month there is another automated linking product that hits the internet marketing world. They all promise the same thing, automatic rankings from Google with little to no effort. While these sort of programs may have worked back in the day they have very little to do with SEO in the current Google climate. The latest one is called LinkLuv. In this “Linkluv review” we’ll take a closer look at exactly what you are getting and why it is important.

 What is LinkLUV?

LinkLuv is a crowdsourcing social marketing site designed to get social media signals and backlinks to your webpages with minimal effort on your part. Thousands of unique users share your links through their social media accounts, creating a flurry of social signals and high quality backlinks for your website.

How Does LinkLUV Work?

It’s Easy! You put your webpage urls into LinkLuv and users in our network share and bookmark your urls to their social bookmarking accounts, creating high quality backlinks and social signals to your webpages that would take you endless hours to create by yourself.

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Linkluv Review – Why it’s #1 Social Media Syndication Tool

If you are using Onlywire, Social Monkee, or SocialAdr – same thing, only it saves me more time and money… you can get hundreds, even thousands of links and mentions on hundreds, even thousands of other people’s accounts everything on autopilot. That’s the best thing I would consider using this tool because it doesn’t require my presence online. I can travel and write a new blog post without back linking the hard way.

Linkluv – How Does it Automate Your Business?

LinkLuv helps you to build high authority backlinks to your webpages across many social bookmarking sites. Some of the benefits are…

  • Backlink Reports – See all your backlinks and export them to CSV!
  • Spinner Integration – Spin to make your shares unique. Integrated Spinner to spin titles and description!
  • Sharing – Easily share other peoples links to all of the social media accounts you have set up inside of LinkLuv with one press of the share button. When you share you earn points!
  • Backlink Pinging – Linkluv automatically pings each and every backlink you get to over 150 ping locations!
  • Runs in the Cloud – No Download required! Your links get shared 24/7 without you having to download or run anything on your machine.
  • Customer Support – Our customers come first! We have a top notch support staff to handle any questions you may have.
  • Automated Sharing – Earn points while you sleep with our Automated Sharing. Share automatically to all the top social bookmarking sites without even logging in.
  • Agency Management – Are you an Agency needing to handle multiple clients and accounts? Managing sub accounts is a piece of cake with our Agency packages.
  • Pricing Plans to Fit Any Needs – Our affordable pricing plans start as low as $10 a month. If a monthly plan is not for you, no worries. You can buy points as needed.

Why choose LinkLUV?

Because LinkLuv helps you to build social signals and high authority backlinks to your webpages across many social media sites and accounts to generate social buzz and increase your Search Engine rank, all while saving you time.

LinkLuv Bonus – Integrated with Top Marketing System

If you are a member of MLSP, and depending on your level in MLSP, you can get a paid membership with LinLuv for free.

Get Free LinkLuv account today.

To your prosperity,

Anton Amoto

Anton Amoto
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Definitely Margaret! I’ve just posted 15 hours ago and this page outrank by any other linkluv reviews on Google. If it works for me in ANY keyword, then it works as well on your webpages.


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How soon you’re going to look at your webpage #1 on Google?


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