Penguin comes to rescue of SEO

by Liza Watson

Updates updates updates!! Lately you have been hearing too much about updates that Google has presented in front of the world. From Panda to the Penguin, the change is apparent. Webmasters are seriously considering the algorithms for improved and genuine results. Other than the penguin’s arrival a couple of Pandas was even noticed in the world of Google the previous month.

Webmasters who weren’t into believing that Google could ever take an aggressive plunge were hit by the jolt when the updates came. The changes it has made so far are aimed at abolishing anti-manipulative tactics. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

However, some are of the opinion that neither the Penguin nor the Panda gave effective results. There are still manipulative search results rolling out everywhere across the web. In fact some have a worse outcome. Most importantly there are sites that are showing in the top results despite of lower quality content. Webspam has actually broken loose and has become unstoppable.

On the contrary if you go a little deep with the results you will find a lot of improvements that have been done to websites. Quite a many have reached heights with genuine and effective SEO tactics. An expert in the field has pointed out that SEO professionals using keywords with city name are heavily making it on top.

Additionally if you were to think that all of the web spam occurring on the internet is because of wrongful SEO tactics then, you are going wrong to some extent. May be the kind of strategies they had been executing so far were actually denounced by Google algorithms. So what is Google Penguin doing up in the web? What is its set of algorithms talking about? Let’s find out below:

  • Saying a no to keyword stuffing, a practice that has been ruling the SEO world to take undeserving sites at the top of the search list.
  • If you were thinking that you can do away with duplicate contents then its time you rethink, especially when you have the algorithms throwing them to trash (many of you were already into this to enhance website size) .
  • Unlawful link schemes are sure to find their way out of Google .
  • Using redirects that actually lead the user to nowhere is shown the doors.

So, now you know how SEO tactics work in recent times. What is taking you so long? Go get in touch with professionals in SEO in West Midlands.

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