Top 3 Reasons To Make Your Blog Search Engine Friendly

by Anton Amoto

search engine friendlyIn this article I’m going to share with you the top 3 reasons you should make your blog search engine friendly.

Your blog should have the following 3 main attributes in order to get ranked high in a popular keyword search, and to make sure it is search-engine-friendly as well:

1) Your blog should be Keyword Rich!

In other words you should do everything possible to put your main search engine keyword in the actual title of your blog, the description, the headline, as well as thoughout the entire content of your blog.

2) Your blog should have Relevant Content!

Obviously you should do what you can to stay within the boundaries of common sense. Don’t just create a useless blog chocked full of keywords with no relevant content! This is a surefire way to get your websites banned from search engines altogether. Remember search engines work EVERY DAY to improve their services! So don’t get caught up in the game of cat-and-mouse by trying to ‘fool’ the search engines into top rankings. Be professional!

3) Your blog should include frequently updated RSS feeds on other websites such as My Yahoo, MSN Home pages, and Google Home pages.

A TREMENDOUS amount of people use their own customized ‘Home Pages’ to refer to daily as they look for the latest news, weather reports, stock quotes, sports scores, etc. Personally I use ALL THREE of the main providers: My Yahoo, MSN, AND Google for my daily dose of free useful information!

An RSS Feed (Really Simple Syndication) is a feature that automatically alerts a tremendous amount of other websites of an update to your blog – EVERY SINGLE TIME!

The best way to explain RSS Feeds is simply to make a comparison.

Every time you want to remember a certain new website that you come across, you simply bookmark it right? Webmaster’s LOVE it when you bookmark their site because they know that they’ve accomplished a lot when a person decides to keep their website for future reference.

However the main problem is other than through the use of email, you really have no way of alerting the person who bookmarked your site of any new developments to your site’s products and/or services. Everybody knows that email marketing is already a very challenging beast altogether.

Now an ‘RSS Feed’ is best thought of as an ‘online bookmark’ of sorts. General bookmarks reside in your ‘Favorite’s folder usually only accessible from your particular computer. But RSS Feeds reside on the person’s main personal homepage (i.e. My Yahoo, MSN, or Google Home Page).

As I mentioned above, I have used homepages such as ‘My Yahoo’ as one of my sources of important information on a daily basis whether it’s the financial markets, stock quotes, world and local news, the latest sports scores, movie listings, daily humor, and even the weather. This information is usually set up through the My Yahoo Setup page with the information pulling from Yahoo’s network of websites.

Here’s a question to pose for you: Can you imagine finding a way to place YOUR LINK on someone’s My Yahoo page? Or better yet, on a tremendous amount of people’s My Yahoo pages?

Now it’s possible using RSS Feed technology. When a person develops a website, they can learn to place a small ‘subscribe me’ button on it. So whenever a visitor clicks on that button, they are instructed on how to add your website link to their My Yahoo Page (or whatever reader they decide to use i.e. Google, MSN, even their personal email inboxes!).

In addition, whenever you update your site with new content, a person will be able to see an updated link directing to your new content from their personal My Yahoo page…AUTOMATICALLY!

So there you have it. If you want to learn more and watch an in depth training about how to optimize your blog in search engine, get your blog the highest pagerank and get on Google faster than you ever dreamed possible, FOR FREE! Click here NOW and I will see you on the other side.

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Joseph Skoda June 29, 2011 at 6:08 pm

Anton… This is great. Thanks for continuing the valued advice you give…


Anton Amoto June 30, 2011 at 1:23 pm

I appreciate it Joe. Let us become more valuable for the benefit of the many ;-)


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