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Join the Masters Co-Op with Empower Network and Generate Hundreds of Super Highly-Targeted Leads In As Little As 24 Hours So That You Can Generate More Sales & Money To Further Build Your Empower Network Business

Welcome the Empower Network Team Massive Action Advertising Coop! In addition to learning exactly what I do, I’ve also developed a service that can do the advertising for you. I call this service the Masters Co-Op with Empower Network.

I’m not going to hype it up. My mission is to make the Empower Network Site the easiest, most affordable and most effective money-making system on the Internet and one way I can do that is advertise for our members.

Let me show you how I can advertise to pull in big results. First, I start to send your ad to our highly responsive network through solo ad advertising.

Solo Ads

Solo ads are one of the main strategies taught within Empower Network as a resource to create instant traffic to your landing pages to help capture some immediate leads for your email list, and to convert some of those leads into instant sales through your funnel.

What Exactly Are Solo Ads?

In super basic terms, a “Solo Ad” is when you pay someone to mail THEIR email list, on your behalf, with a recommendation and link to your free optin offer squeeze page.

We usually use Ezine Solo Ads. This is where we pay the publisher of an ezine newsletter to send out your offer to their entire subscriber base. By yourself, it would cost you $197 just for these subscriptions alone, but today it will cost you less to join the co-op than it will to buy these membership programs yourself and that’s only 1 part of the co-op!

 Here are the 3 Main Components of a Good Solo Ad:

    1)  Subject Line

The main point is simply to get your advertisement open!  This is just to grab someones attention.  Don’t go overboard, just figure out an attention grabbing headline to get someone to open up the email.  A great technique here is to go through your junk mail, or emails that you receive, and look at the titles that you are MOST likely to open, and then get a list of these titles stored somewhere for future reference.

    2)  Body

Keep this short and sweet.  When someone first opens your email if they see it’s a “novel” to read then they are going to click off.  Again, you can model after other emails that you have received from time to time, and use little small sentences and paragraphs that are compelling.

    3)  Call to Action.

You should link to your website “above the fold” so that they don’t have to scroll down to see it, as well as at the bottom of the email, and then as a bonus you can put it in a P.S. section below your email signature.  So your link should be positioned in 2-3 places in the email.  And if the body of your message is good, then people should want to click your link to get the full information.

We use this recommended paid membership site for Solo Ads.

Second, I’ll include your ad in CPC Broker that offers high quality targeted leads. By yourself, it would cost you again $197 just for these subscription alone for the Basic Membership. I will share our Gold account here worth $997 with an estimated clicks* of 900-1,424 wherein you can utilize the equal share per month.

We all know that having the right prospect (and in the right mindset) in front of your website equals sales! IT ALWAYS DOES!!!

It’s not simply a numbers game… You HAVE to have QUALITY prospects to survive!

That’s where CPC Broker delivers!

Top level sales associates within ANY given company will tell you that Pay Per Click, or P.P.C., is some of the best traffic that exists.

And They’re Right!

But there are a few catches when it comes to PPC, if you can even find a high quality network to advertise on.


One of the major issues with PPC today is that the main content networks are becoming more and more strict on home business offers, especially those home business offers that rely on replicated websites. Not to mention the fact that there’s a lot of work involved on your part!! From choosing keywords to writing ads, and managing the campaigns on a day to day basis (sometimes hourly), can be quite challenging.

PPC leaves too many holes in your search for quality traffic. What if your ad lacks effectiveness in targeting the right prospect or potential buyer. What if you choose the wrong keyword group to list your ad on? What happens when the network shuts you down for non-approved content or the fact that they just don’t like what you’re selling?

We’ve seen this happen far too many times with the same result… too many people waste money trying to find quality prospects…

We specifically target high quality prospects that are looking to earn extra income from home. We then drive this traffic to our advanced Real Time Pricing rotators which weighs the price of the traffic in real time based on response levels for that traffic.

This ensures that you’ll pay only for what your traffic is worth, and that you’ll never receive a flood of garbage traffic that would never convert into what you’re looking for… SALES!

Our traffic campaigns have generated well over $50 Million dollars of e-commerce for our marketing clients… Once you plug into our network you’ll have the confidence that our Real-Time, Quality Based, Cost-Per-Click (CPC) pricing model will maximize your ROAI (Return on Advertising Investment).

How does a Master Co-op works?

When a member joins our master co-op we will be using a universal lead rotator with its branded domain name that is set as the default traffic. All leads are fairly rotated to our main domain resulting in more impressions for your username, more leads, and more sales!

Track Your Empower Network Site Advertising Using Ad tracker

That said, if you want to use any type of advertising strategy where you pay money to advertise (or even if it’s 100% free) and you want to know if it works or not, it is very powerful to be able to track your advertising results.

Knowing what works and what doesn’t in terms of advertising will allow you to cut your losers, do more of your winners and grow your profits and income much faster.

Summary: Masters Co-op Advertising is a Classic Win-Win

  • The fastest way to generate leads
  • It reduces the cost of your current advertising
  • Expand your customer base
  • Most importantly, it can help increase sales

If you have never participated in a co-op advertising campaign before, you at least owe it to your business to explore the possibility. Some of the most successful businesses on the planet have a co-op advertising budget in place, and that available money could help accelerate the growth of your business as well.

To join the Master Co-Op as a monthly member and start getting 1 equal share of all the visitors from ALL co-op advertising and everything discussed above, click the button below to subscribe now:

Click Here to Join the Co-op Now!

Note: The Empower Network Masters Co-op is a subscription service. You’ll be charged $97 to setup your account and re-billed $97 every month to continue receiving service until you decide to cancel your membership from inside your PayPal account. No refunds will be offered due to the fact that I pay more to setup your account and purchase advertising for you than it costs to join the co-op.

Note 2: You are always 100% in control of your co-op payments, and you can cancel your account along with any future membership payments anytime you want from inside your PayPal account. That said, if you do cancel your co-op subscription, you will be removed from the co-op advertising rotator so if you ever want to cancel the co-op service, I advise waiting until the very last day of your billing cycle to get the most benefits.

I look forward to helping you succeed and achieve your goals with the Empower Network! :-)


Anton Amoto

Anton Amoto