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Welcome the w00t Marketing Elite! In addition to learning exactly what I do, I have also developed a service that can do the advertising and sign ups for you. I call this service the w00t Marketing Elite.

I’m not going to hype it up. My goal is to help you make your first $1,000 days online using your current main business opportunity or any Bizopp you may want to promote.

Let me show you how you can plugin to w00t Marketing Elite to pull in better results without interfering time wise with your current marketing strategy or current business you are doing. First, I’m going to show you a video from one of my #1 team producers in w00t Marketing.

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Just as expected. So here are some specials. (The Best Stuff you can get About w00t Marketing is)woot_signup_pro_beta_1_boxshot

  • our GIGANTIC team rotator software
  • our great team atmosphere
  • the “Book of w00t” training
  • instant Paypal income opportunity

Our team rotator …is software that generates leads in to your Empower Network funnel or in ANY Bizopp You Want as long as you have your own capture page.

If you do not know how important leads are to your funnel, you should not even be here yet.

You are not ready for us.

The Book of w00t training system is [LOADED] with stuff you had [NO IDEA] ever existed in marketing. Things that I do are off the wall and crazy but THEY WORK.

You will see the way I do stuff and come up with your own wild ways to market that are totally outside the box and actually get results.

You will learn [EASY] marketing and SEO skills that work.

You will [SEE] actual results.

Not blind hopes and promises.

Once you are in … you can resell w00t and make instant PayPal residual income.

We train you how to sell w00t. We make you a w00t bad ass EN marketer.

The price is friendly to everyone in marketing.

w00t can also help you with your other business opportunities.

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I am not writing some crazy sales page. 
Because we don’t need it. Our products are good enough.

…but WAIT there’s MORE!!!

Here is what I offer to my customers: (special offer expires TODAY Only!):

  • we buy your own domain name (www.yourname.com) and unlimited hosting for 1 year ($$$)
  • perpetual license of high converting sales copy of w00t marketing like this page (Priceless)
  • self-hosted wordpress blog or w00t blog setup ($297 Value)
  • personalized brand development with the goal to sell anything online
  • custom graphic kits from our design team for your new brand ($$$)
  • professional wordpress themes (not free) to choose from ($$$)
  • high end wordpress plugins – digi list builder, epic squeeze page ($$$)
  • craigslist email harvester and fast mailer pro training course ($$$)
  • access to our private facebook training room
  • access to our team syndication and commenting system
  • access to ‘The Book of w00t’ loaded with CURRENT marketing secrets (my fav)
  • tech support and overall marketing support
  • 150 dollars per month residual income affiliate program

Get w00t Marketing

Look, the basic thing here is,

We are a group of people who market online.

We use our websites and blogs to try and get sales by climbing up the alexa.com charts, facebook marketing groups and slowly building our brands.

Eventually when you rank high enough on alexa and search engines, you can blog about any keyword you want and get good enough traffic to make a little bit of money online.

We each create our own brand with either our names or a new name. Then build the business up. One brick at a time. The proper way. Using search engines,

SEO, wordpress blogs, keywords, tags and the easier technical things that most people just overlook.

Nothing crazy, some things you have never done before, but you will be taught well and coached well with our training system and support team.

We all are involved with other business opportunities. We do not specifically promote just one. So everyone is welcome. We all just want to help each other get some money online and make life a little easier.

I try to find the best methods, the best tools, the best NEW AGE marketing strategies and update ‘The Book of w00t’ with the best top ten things you need to do per day. When running your at home online business. That I think will help you with long term success.


Before I ramble on too long, message me here, or keep reading below to sign up.

Get w00t Marketing I use PayPal for this opportunity, for a few reasons. It is easy.

It is accepted almost everywhere, so more people from more countries can participate in what we are doing here.

If you do not have a PayPal account, CONTACT MEI have a simple method to get ANYONE a PayPal account and a bank account.

I also use PayPal because people LOVE instant payments. I know I do. It is also easy to setup residual income with PayPal and even easier to cancel.

Lots of business opportunities have a NO CANCEL BUTTON! This way, you are protected.

You are also protected by the PayPal Verified system. There is almost no better way to be protected online than using PayPal.

The NEW w00t Marketing prices are as follows:

200 Dollars Per Month Only via Paypal.

- 150 to your sponsor

- 50 to w00t

That way w00t makes money and so does your sponsor. I am not calling it an ‘admin fee‘ or anything like that. It is simply my cut for creating and putting together all these resources for you.

So I can stay in business and continue to make more stuff for you. Simple as that. If you do not think it’s fair that I get a cut… that is not very cool. Lol :)

Anyhow, we are a really great group of folks. Relaxed, funny, smart, innovativeIf you like what you read here and our short video about our software. Continue below and sign up.

We will then add you to the facebook group and get started. Here is our current offer.


[150 to sponsor]

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[50 to w00t]

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After you pay. Please read below. This is important.


Once you are done paying.


This is NOT a business opportunity…

where you do NOT talk to the owner of the company.

I NEED to talk to you so we can develop your brand and figure out the best ideas for you.

It wont take long, it is quick and easy.

But this is something we need to discuss in order to maximize your income potential.


Please find me on facebook.


^^^ Click above.^^^ 

Then we will get started.

I look forward to helping you succeed and achieve your goals with your online business! :-)


Anton Amoto
Anton Amoto
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Let’s connect by via Skype or Facebook. I’m confident I can help. The w00t marketing team is always here to support and you’ve got nothing to lose.

This one-on-one instant setup are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. So simply click the link below to secure your spot now and move closer to changing your life for the better.

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