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We welcome guest bloggers who are interested to write for us, share your blogging experience, and making money online tips.

What Is The Advantage Of Guest Posting?

1) Organic traffics – Relevant readers. When you post blogs to other sites you can gain traffic including relevant links that might lead to your own web site. The more attractive and useful your site is to the reader, the greater is the chance of getting public attention thus gaining popularity and visitors.

2) Blog exposure – Expose your blog to public. The greater you show your skills by writing posts to other sites, the greater is the chance that people will get your attention and admire your posts. If this happens, you will have a greater chance that they will visit your sites for other interesting articles and or blogs.

3) Dofollow link – Improve of search engine ranking and Get Featured for FREE!

4) Gains writing experience and skills - Practicing what you always do will make your work more polished and people will admire you for it. Aside from that you can also gain some criticisms along the way which makes a stepping stone on what to improve more in that it will be more attractive to readers.

5) Gains more income. As your traffic increases due to your guest posting, the revenue for your income may increase due to the possible increase of customers. If you were earning hundreds of dollars or maybe less from the traffic for example of a thousand viewers then there is a great possibility of an increase especially if the number of viewers rises in multiples of two or more.

For sure, you love blogging and you have fun every time you do it. Well, guest posting or guest blogging is even more fun. It is also challenging for you have to give your best to your post so that you’ll get the best results. While working, no matter how serious it is, have fun. Remember that your works reflect your mood.

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A few requirements about your article:

1) Article must be related with Blogging Tips, Social Media, Traffic Tips, SEO Tips, Brand Building, Content Creation, Internet Marketing, Home Based Business etc. As long as the article is related to Internet Marketing Strategies, I don’t find any reason to reject your article.

2) A minimum of 400 words per article.

3) Maximum 2 outbound links.

4) Article must be uniquely written by you.

5) Article must be exclusive for this blog only, which mean you can’t post it anywhere else.

We’ve the authority to edit your post, but most probably we won’t. We believe that you’ll contribute useful article. Self promotion is strongly not recommended.

How To Get Started?

1) Register here and contact us with a desired username (for login) to confirm and approve your application.

2) Login here to update your profile and password etc. Maximum 2 links allowed in your author profile (in addition to the maximum 2 links in your article).

3) Write a related article. Pick relevant categories.

4) If you want to include image in every article of your post, place it before content with dimensions 500px × 332px align center or 315px × 225px align left might works best. Use Image Styles: margin-top: 0.2px; margin-bottom: 0.2px; border-width: 0.2px; border-color: gray; border-style: solid;

5) Avoid using too many tags.

6) Publish!

7) Your article will need to be approved before it goes live. It usually takes a few days depending on the number of guest posts in queue.

Kindly take note that we don’t publish all submitted guest articles. There are many factors but the approval rate is pretty high for genuine pieces, so don’t be too concerned.


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