5 Easy Steps to Launching Your Seven-Figure Personal Blog

by Anton Amoto

Personal BlogAre you tired and broke looking for the right information how to launch your seven-figure personal blog?

Well, it’s not a problem anymore because for today’s post I’m going to reveal the 5 Easy Steps to Launching Your Seven-Figure Personal Blog.

Your Seven-Figure Personal Blog

Pay close attention to the 5 Easy Steps below and enjoy getting paid while telling your interesting stories on your own branded personal blog.

Step 1: Register a domain.

This is really simple and will only take a minute. Go to www.AntonAmoto.com/resources for a current list of our recommended domain registrars for your own branded personal blog.

Tips: Register your domain name that people can easily remember you. The shorter domain name you register for your personal blog the better (Ex: www.YourName.com, www.YourCompanyName.com). I register all my domains in Namecheap because from the word itself it’s cheap and it’s true. I can give you my discounted coupons every time you buy a new domain name for your personal blog. Just email me and I’m ready to give it over to you the discounted coupon code.

Step 2: Get a hosting account for your personal blog.

There are many options out there for hosting. Some providers are excellent, and others are horrible. Go to www.AntonAmoto.com/webhosting for our recommended hosting provider that turns into an automated profit machine.

Step 3: Point your domain to your hosting account. (Change your DNS)

When you signed up for your hosting account, you should have been provided with a “Name Server” to point your domain to. You would simply log into your domain manager console and looking for a tab that has “DNS” or “Domain Name Server” in it.

If this sounds like “geek speak” to you, don’t worry. It takes less than 30 seconds to do and customer support for the hosting company you chose can help you do it.

It may take some time for the domain to “propagate” meaning it may be a while before you can begin setting up your blog. The time it takes is usually under 24 hours, and in many cases can be as little as a few minutes. You’ll know it’s working when you can log into your hosting account under your domain name. Your web host should provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to log into your host manager.

Again, this is very basic, “Blogging 101” stuff that we’re talking about here, and if this sounds really technical, take a deep breath and relax. Have an attitude of eagerness when it comes to learning about these things.

They’re actually very simple and you really don’t have a choice if you want to make serious money in your home business.

Step 4: Set up your personal blog.

With Blogger Builder it’s a quick way to get started! It’s fun, easy and can be made highly profitable for your personal blog.

Blogger Builder is tied into WordPress where you will see many different layouts or themes. The great thing with Blogger Builder is that we have created many headers that are created around local businesses.

This gives you the opportunity to build and to host a personal blog for them because 52% of local businesses still do not have a web presence.

Try a Google search for some of your local businesses. You will see for many of them you will only receive a Google map and that’s it, displaying their location! They need to get online. They need to use these 5 Easy Steps to Launching Your Seven-Figure Personal Blog. Yellow pages are dead!

Blogger Builder is great for your personal use but has been set up for much more than that. It can generate huge profits for you!

Step 5: Customizing your personal blog.

Not that your blog is up and running, you might want to customize the look and feel or add some extensions to enhance the usability or add features. The wonderful thing about WordPress is that it’s totally open source, and you can find a thousands of plugins and themes online, or even hire someone to create totally custom quite inexpensively.

With blogger builder you can get 100’s of WordPress themes to fit your personal blog design and style.

Start blogging with your own branded personal blog!

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Your abundance and prosperity,

Anton Amoto
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