The Importance Of Recognition In Business And Life

by Anton Amoto

recognitionDo you remember what it was like when you were a kid and you wanted to win a trophy or contest?

Maybe it was for a science fair or a piano recital or perhaps a race. Perhaps you look back now and think it was kind of silly to want to win…to receive recognition.

It’s not silly at all.

In fact it is vital to both receive and give recognition to be motivated and progress in your business and even personal life.

Why you ask? I think it just all comes down to our basic desire to feel accepted…to feel good about ourselves.

It’s kind of like how you feel on your birthday. For the most part birthdays are always a special day and people go out of their way to make you feel accepted and acknowledge you maybe with a party, card or even just a message on Facebook. You feel good when that happens right? Recognition really fills a basic need that we all crave.

So how can recognition help you in your business?

Well, when you recognize the people you work with, they are happier and motivated to work hard and it helps the to not quit. Nobody likes to do something they don’t enjoy. Lot’s of recognition helps with that and in fact can be one of the biggest keys to growth.

Here are a few examples of how you can recognize people you work with or your team.

1. Send them an unexpected greeting card with a hand written note.

2. Recognize them on Social Media with their photo and message of their accomplishments.

3. Award them with gifts or prizes. Maybe hold a contest.

4. Call them just to say congratulations. Sometimes it’s as simple as that.

5. Provide VIP seating at an event

6. Hold a special dinner with awards

7. Trophies and plaques and ribbons. You will be amazed that even as adults we cherish and display these kind of things!

Those are just a few ideas for you. The bottom line. Recognizing the people you work with will not only grow your business, but will also help you to become a better person and business leader.

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