The Importance of Testing and Tracking

by Anton Amoto

Internet marketing is a series of activities or campaigns to promote services and products for companies.

They might involve getting traffic to the websites, putting the name of the companies, products or services at the top rank in the Search Result Page from popular search engines.

Most people focus much effort on setting up their internet marketing campaigns. However, they neglect the importance of testing and tracking. In this article, we will explain the importance.

The most important part of testing and tracking is to confirm the effectiveness of the internet marketing. The goal of the marketing is to boost sales and increase the traffic.

If you identified that the sales did not increase during the implementation of the internet market, such marketing might have some problems, which need you to address.

Testing involves the activities for checking of the websites from companies. You are required to test the web design, headlines, photos to see any wrong messages have been delivered to the audiences, any “dead” links that prevents customers further checking your products and services.

Therefore, testing is crucial to check the correctives of your websites. Only correct information can attract the real customers, boosting sales.

Even though you have the correct information on your websites, sometimes, you still find that the traffic to your websites is little. At that moment, you need to track your marketing strategies to see whether wrong strategies have been established.

Tracking involves a lot of activities, such as tracking where the visitors come from, how long they spent on your websites, did they are repeat or first visitors, any external links have been linked up with your websites?

If you understand the information collected during tracking, you can help to fine tune or improve your websites. For instance, during your tracking, you understand that majority of the customers come from England.

However, no one come from China. You might need to address why this happened. The major root cause might be you have little Chinese content in the websites, which are not convenient to them.

In order to target the traffic, you need to add more Chinese content. Therefore, tracking can help to improve the websites, increasing the traffic.

You company might outsourced the internet marketing to the outsourced providers. Therefore, in addition to setup of the internet marketing, you need to check the effectiveness of the campaigns.

It was because you bought the service from them, and they shall have the responsibilities to help you succeed.

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