Tips to Become A Freelance Blog Writer

by Claudia Somerfield

BlogFor the budding writers and authors who hope to earn money with their writing internet has proven to be an invaluable resource. For them there are millions of opportunities existing over the internet. Freelance blogging is one of those opportunities, which can be very handy for writers who have started their venture more recently. However in order to prosper in this field there are some guideline and tips that are needed to be followed.

Find Publishers

There are many sites over the internet, which publish your work and pays you for it. The payments are based either on revenue sharing system or upfront payments. Some of these sites pay a huge amount of money while others pay on average scale. The better your content more will be the amount you earn on it.

Do a thorough research

Before you finalize a site, where you want to get your work published, it is recommended to do a good research about it. Make sure you read the reviews about the site, which most probably will be posted by the people who used it before. It has to be noted that there are many sites that offer you good money for your writing and then they turn out to be nothing more than scam. So beware!!

Focus on keywords

Believe it or not, the most important part of your writing since search engines came into existence are keywords. A good writer no matter what always focus on keywords while writing any content or blog. Before starting a new blog, always try to spend some time researching the keywords. This way you will get idea about what to write and how to bring targeted traffic to your blog site.

Know your topic

Always choose a topic you have hold on. If you choose anything about, which you have no knowledge of, you will end up look dumb and your chances of success will be no better than zero. So whenever you start to write a new topic ensure you research about it thoroughly.

Explore freelance forums

This will help you in getting individual clients. Keep your open to “looking to hire posts”. Make sure you apply for a job which you are knowledgeable about and can finish on time. Post yourself as a freelance blog writer on these forums and try to satisfy the needs of your customers as a happy customer will always bring some more with him.

Meet your deadlines and give your best

If you get a contract, make sure you give your best. It is important that you complete your work before the deadline. That will help you gain more clients. Always proof read your writing once or twice before forwarding it to the client. It will help not only in retain the existing client but will attract new ones too.


Content, which is well written and is checked for grammar and language errors, always pays important role in driving good quality traffic. Moreover, it becomes important to check, punctuation, use of prepositions, adjectives and adverbs in the sentences. If your article is full of grammar and language errors, reader would not return to your blog and would also not recommend it (by sharing) to others.

Following these guidelines you can really do well in the field of freelance blog writing. All you need to have is a creative mind and excellent writing skills.

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Jim October 28, 2013 at 3:16 am

Yes correct grammar and word choice are important.


Anton Amoto October 29, 2013 at 3:56 pm

Thanks Jim for dropping by. I appreciate your feedback. Welcome back anytime for more tips and tricks on my blog. :-)


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