Understanding Motivation – What Keeps Us Motivated?

by Anton Amoto

Motivation Made Easymotivation

Understanding Motivation is not too difficult. Motivation basically involves stimulating people so that they work in the desired direction to achieve the goals.

The main psychological factors that stimulate people are recognition, money, success, fame, work satisfaction, teamwork etc. Motivation can not only be useful but inspiring as well.

When a person faces a difficult task or situation he often feels demotivated and lack of motivation can often lead to the reduction of the driving force or power, behind accomplishing a task.

But the key to remain motivated is to learn to form a positive attitude for your capabilities. The two major things that contribute towards motivation are; what is your expectation from yourself and what values you place on accomplishing your goals.

The more you value finishing a task, the more motivated you feel. If you do not place a natural value on a particular task, it will just add to your difficulties.

There are a number of ways to keep yourself motivated:

Motivation #1:  Be realistic in assessing your capabilities.

Stop thinking that you are best in everything. No one is born perfect. Every person has some strengthens and some weaknesses. If you focus on your weaknesses it will help you to improve your capabilities, which in turn will help you stay motivated.

Motivation #2: If there is some failure, plan to change attitudes and situations that cannot be controlled.

For instance you cannot change your intelligence but you can change your level of knowledge, effort etc. Do not underestimate yourself that you are not intelligent enough, rather think how you can do things in a better way and differently.

Motivation #3: Be honest when you assess your performance.

Did you put in your 100 percent? If you feel you have and still not achieved your goals then there is a need to change your study or work strategies.

Motivation #4: Be responsible for your academic behavior.

Do not blame your instructors and make health excuses or that there was no time. On the other hand develop some skills so that the next time you give your best performance. Avoid getting trapped into the “I do not wish to attend the classes” and instead develop a sense of responsibility towards achieving the goal. This in turn will keep you motivated.

If you recognize the right motivation in you, it will always keep you going towards the achievement of your goals. It will show you the vision and the appropriate picture of what life is all about.

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