What Is A Blog and Why It Is So Important

by Anton Amoto

journalWhat Is A Blog? The Most Powerful Online Trend

The term ‘Blog’ is the short term for the phrase ‘Web Log’, and it describes a certain type of website surfacing across the internet for the last several years.

This type of website is called a Blog, and what separates a Blog from other websites is the HIGHLY interactive nature of the website.

Blogging is a very effective marketing tool for any online business and there are many reasons for this, which we’ll briefly discuss in this article.

To address all those concerns you basically have to understand what a blog is. In addition to this, it’s important to grasp why having a blog is really important for anyone that wants to attract attention on the World Wide Web.

Blogs are usually easy to install and set up by using the one-click installation tools that these days come standard with most hosting packages. Word press is the most common and most popular platform for a blog.

Once you have your blog installed it is important to know that every time you post any new information, search engines are quick to pick up on this. They give a high priority to blogging content on average since they deem this as fresh news.

Blogging is also a fresh alternative to emails. You can add all sorts of interactive or multimedia content to a blog to enhance your message. Using RSS feeds your content and message can quickly spread across the internet. If you already have a big email list, you may choose to post your newsletters on your blog, and simply mail a link to the post to your list.

There’s just so much more you can do with a blog than with standard email. The comments feature on blogs, for example, make it easy for your readers to leave feedback. This way you can determine what news and information your readers enjoy, and you can also get some valuable feedback.

It’s easy to monetize your blog by using revenue sharing programs like Google Ad sense or affiliate programs as well. A blog is a fun, but powerful way to inform, entertain and profit…while building a loyal readership at the same time.

Why It Is So Important? Free and Easy to Create

It blows me away as to how EASY it is to create a blog. In the past the ONLY way to get a website up and running was to employ the resources of a hosting service provider, as well as acquiring a marketable domain name.

Every website needs space, just like every file needs space on your computer’s hard drive. The difference is while you are the only person accessing your file on your hard drive, a hosting company must provide the space for your website to be seen and accessed by any person around the world 24 hours a day,7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Think of a hosting company as a parking lot, with different websites ‘parked’ in the different parking spaces. Of course, you are paying for the use of the ‘parking space’ on a monthly basis.

I remember almost 10 years ago when we were required to pay a monthly fee to utilize the services of a ‘hosting’ company. My internet marketing colleagues and I would swap different experiences with different hosting companies, and we found ourselves jumping from one hosting company to the next. What a pain right?

In addition to researching different hosting companies, we also needed to research domain registration companies as well. Just in case you didn’t know, a domain is simply the actual ‘title’ of your space on the web. Here is an example of a popular domain:


The word ‘google’ is the domain name, and as you may or not be aware, you have to use a domain registration company to secure this domain name. Of course, there is no free lunch in life as you have to pay for the exclusive rights to your own domain.

After you secure your domain, THEN you must inform your hosting company about your domain name so they could ‘attach’ your hosting space to it. The reason for this is because every time you change your website, the change can be seen by anybody that visits your website through your domain name.

You must admit, this sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

Well here comes my point, with a Blog you DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS! The blog provider does all this for you – and what’s more, creating a blog is COMPLETELY FREE!

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Charles Holmes November 5, 2011 at 3:02 pm


Great post here. Blogs are a great way to get traffic for your MLM Business. But so are websites. Regardless of which method you choose, you have to create a tsunami of content and inbound links to stand above the crowd.

Our industry is saturated with blogs, most of them are dead blogs too. Keyword competition is fierce. But if you take massive action you can get massive results.

Thanks for sharing.



Anton Amoto January 19, 2012 at 8:50 am

You need to master a good keyword research to laser target your market and learn how to generate an endless free leads to your blog. Thanks for dropping Chuck.


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